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Barbizon International, Inc.

Hoffman Models Hoffman International Models have been on the covers and inside pages of major national and international publications.  The life of a top model is not easy.  You must be prepared for anything, from an audition to a runway fashion show.  With their training and instruction, you'll learn how to present yourself to the best of your ability. Asking the right questions improves your chances of getting the job.  At Hoffman International, their commitment is to help you become the total professional. 

John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers dedicated instructors are among the finest professionals in the fashion, beauty, acting and image-development fields. Their experience is matched by their dedication to helping you get ahead in your professional and personal life. At the JC Centers, you'll learn a wide range of skills and improvement strategies

John Robert Powers  John Robert Powers founded the modern day billion dollar modeling industry. From his many writings and published books, Powers created the curriculum that is at the core of the personality development, executive skills, modeling, acting and other courses offered at the worldwide network of John Robert Powers Schools.

Julie Nation Academy  their educational services are very valuable to students from four years old to senior citizens.  They take pride in providing the highest quality of small classes and workshops to accelerate the placement of confident, skilled and knowledgeable graduates.   Agency workshop are included for parents, spouses and family members to further the understanding of how agents and clients work in this dynamic industry.

La Terese' Image and Modeling School/Agency  They are a modeling school and agency.  Address:  9811 54th St.  Clear Lake, Minnesota.

Mayo-Hill School of Modeling (Texas) : Mayo-Hill has trained some of the best models to come out of the Texas market because they know what it's like to need self-confidence to succeed in this highly competitive business. With a great mix of lectures, workshops and activities you'll learn just what's expected because their information-based programs are designed and developed to show you what it's like to be a model. Also, all of their modeling programs are approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, which means that their certified for quality modeling programming. After 30 years, they may know something about model education.

Natalia Makey's School of Modeling (Minsk)  is a modeling agency dedicated to the training of the professional models in Belarus.  Established in 2002 they have quickly established themselves as one of the top modeling agencies in Belarus (Minsk) with an impressive clients list which includes the most famous brands.  The name of the agency - NATALIA MAKEY'S SCHOOL OF MODELING - means that they have integrated a school into their agency which has the objective of training  future models and making them into real professionals, so that they may give the best of themselves to their clients. Every month several models graduate from their school and begin their modeling practice  Address: Belarus, Minsk, 5 Romanovskaya Sloboda Str., suit 201 Phone: +375 17 2063310 Fax: +375 17 2209683 E-mail:    Contact name: Natalia Makey

Runway Savvy  Online modeling schools and instruction video on runway modeling techniques.

Scott Powers Productions Inc (USA) : Acting and Modeling school.  Offering on-camera programs in film, daytime drama, commercials, commercial print, corporate videos and monologues, taught by agents, producers, directors, and casting directors.

Top Models International (Australia) PROFESSIONAL MODELLING COURSE INFORMATION Strictly limited opportunity to learn international modelling skills from a Nationally qualified (Accredited standard DipPPDM) instructor with over 30 years experience locally and internationally.

ZARA Model Management (Belarus) is a model agency and modeling school representing a great variety of top fashion and print models of Belarus. They also produce fashion and glamour photography at their art studio in Minsk, Belarus. They seek to be a regional representative of a well-established, highly reputable model agency.  Address:   pereulok Korzhenevskogo 6 - 11  Nemiga 36  Minsk, Belarus  220115  Phone:  +375 29 6662439  or  +375 172 777910  Fax:   +375 172 777910  Email:   Contact:    Irena Karavaeva - managing director  Fashion Links