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Models-1 / Rick Wooton (Minnesota)  Internationally published fashion and glamour photographer Rick Wooton is the founder of Models-1, and Executive Director of Aspiring Faces International. He has been training and photographing new models and actors for over 30 years, and scouts for over 100 of the worlds biggest model and talent agecies. His work has been seen in hundreds of magazines all over the world, and featured on dozens of web sites. He is considered one of the foremost experts in developing new model talent, and his honest and straight-forward seminars draw huge crowds everywhere he goes.

Modeling Advise is an information, advice and resource site for those interested in finding out about a career in modeling. The site provides some helpful information to wannabes, but is definitely not meant to be final authority on the modeling business.

Models Boot Camp In their new video, "Model's Boot Camp: How To Break Into Modeling and TV Commercials The Right Way," top Hollywood professionals show you everything you need to know.

New Models  : advice for models new and old.

Washington Models : model forum and advise web site for models in the Washington DC area.