Miscellaneous Modeling Companies

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CHC Models (Australia) CHC MODELS is an established Australian modeling agency.  They are looking for both male and female models, from children to adults. If you dream of having a career in modeling then contact them today.  They require models from around the world - if you live in America, New Zealand, the UK or in Australia they can help to turn your dream into a reality.





Katherine Thom

Nikki Cash  

Tracy Dali  

Vida Guerra  

Venus Models Online Venusmodelsonline is a listing company that markets aspiring and professional models of all types. Venusmodelsonline.com showcases: print, editorial, commercial, promotional, petite, full figured and body parts models. Child models are welcome with parentís consent only.  They also accept photographers, actors and actresses as well. Venusmodelsonline accepts models of all types giving models and talent applicantís worldwide exposure on a twenty four-hour basis.  Models and talent applicants that join will be recruited for top assignments.  Suddenly giving you exposure with their ready to view agents across the globe.  They will have promotional invitations sent directly to the top international model and talent agencies such as Elite, LA Models, Ford Models and more.


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