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All American Girl and Boy Pageant and International Prince & Princess Pageant  This pageant system is a N Y State Licensed Corporation established in 1985. The All American Girl & Boy Pageant and International Prince & Princess Pageant are celebrating their 20th Year Anniversary!! It is their believe that pageants help to develop self confidence, poise, public speaking skills and social skills. Through pageants friendships are made that last a life time. They believe that pageants should be a family event.  They recognize each contestant with a trophy.  They have 11 separate age divisions for girls from age 2 months to 28 years, and boys from 2 months to 12 years.  They award 50 National Crowns & Titles at both the All American and the International Prince & Princess Finals each year, and 33 Regional Crowns and Titles at each local and state pageant. Many of our contestants have gone on to successful modeling and show business careers.

All Star Kids pageant for children of all ages.

America's Coed Pageants National Miss American Coed Pageants encourage and reinforce the confidence and natural beauty that is within each girl. That's why you'll never find any make-up on a Miss American Coed pageant participant under age 13 during our required competitions. We've never had it and we never will. Likewise, the clothing and onstage presentations are age-appropriate.  Age-appropriate pageants that promote natural beauty and self confidence for young ladies aged 3 to 21.

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