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Akulova, Alexandra (New York)  


Alt, Carol

Alt, Christine (Plus Size Model) she is an "image-maker." Using her celebrity and beauty, CHRISTINE ALT commands the attention of an immense public following, the respect of every plus-size industry-insider and the skill to translate that attention and respect into sales revenues for fashion manufacturers and retailers. By redefining "grace," "beauty," "encouragement" and "leadership" in grand style, she changes the way we view fashion, beauty, size and profitability.

Angela Price (Los Angeles) runway model.


Armitage, Alison

Bagwell, Shaune  

Bailey, Imogen


Billard, Bobbi

Bourret, Caprice

Braakensiek, Annalise (Australia)

Burke, Brooke 

Cairns, Michelle

Campbell, Naomi


Carolina, Ana

Ching, Mayka

Collins, Melissa

Connor, Shannon 

Crouch, Ann Marie

Davidstottir, Elisabet

Davis, Julienne

Demouy, Vanessa (France)

Dupri, Alison

Falchi, Anna

The Model Directory provides links to fashion models in the USA and around the world.  This modeling directory provides links to the models web site.  We are NOT agents for these models.  This database simply provides easy access for members of the clothing industry to locate models for runway shows, clothing trade shows, clothing catalog photo shoots etc.  You can visit the individual model sites to locate photos and bios as well as contact details for the models. 

Fernandez, Almudena  (France)

Fisher, Kimberly

Fontana, Federica (Italy)

Garcia, Carmen (Fitness Model)

Gouzar, Alissa (Italy)

Grimes, Grace (Fitness Model)

Hall, Bridget

Hardin, Khani

Hickmann, Ana (Brazil)


Ireland, Kathy

Clothing Model

Jalin, Flo

Jane, Sarah (Australia)

Jeanpierre, Natalia

Jakosalem, Jessica


Jovovich, Milla

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