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Attar Bazaar Attar Bazaar fragrances have pleased and delighted hundreds of thousands of customers, and millions of others who have smelled our world famous fragrances! From The Scent Capitols Of The World Tunis, Lahore, Delhi, Egypt, Africa, Arabia, Sudan, Attar Bazaar natural fragrances are elegant and exceedingly rich scents. Not simply random mixtures of "essential oils," attar fragrances are a specific type of natural, 100% alcohol-free perfume oil. Attars have been famous in the Middle East, Persia and India for a thousand years, but generally unavailable in the West, until now.

Crystal Mountain Aromatics   they are a real 'Mom & Pop' cottage industry. They love what they do and love to share the wonders of essential oils and fragrances.

The Fragrance Shop they aleady have, or can blend for you, every important designer fragrance scent in pure oil form. They also have an exhaustive selection of domestic and imported essential and fragrant oils.  Over 800 oils altogether.

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Save On Scents  over 800 fragrance oils this season and purchase them at below wholesale prices! Your one stop shop for fragrance oils, incense supplies, bath and body products and more.  They specialize in fragrance oils for everyone. Whether you are a small business owner, retailer, vendor, buyer, or simply one who appreciates fragrances.

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Talisman Perfume - Madini Perfume Essences  Suleiman Madini is the current heir of a perfume dynasty 14 generations old. Throughout the past 400 years his family has created the highest quality of all natural, alcohol free perfume essences. Many of the compositions date back centuries and are still today prepared in the same tradition of Islamic perfumery.


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