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Asean Aromatics State of the Art Technology, supported by professional management & a wide repertoire of quality products, AAPL has carved a niche as a preferred supplier to many reputed perfumery, food & flavour, cosmetic, personal care, detergents & scented sticks (agarbathis) companies."  Located at Kottivakkam, an industrial area close to Chennai (Madras), the plant is spread over 2.2 acres. The Manufacturing facilities, Research & Development Centre & Administration Offices occupy around 20,000 sq. ft.. State of the Art R&D, well equipped Analytical & Quality Assurance Laboratories, support a variety of chemical operations & processes ranging from distillation to high pressure reactions, photo oxidations, extractions & high vacuum column distillations.  Their care for the Environment is reflected in the installation & operation of an Effluent Treatment Plant complying with the stringent statutory requirements of the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board.

Bell Flavors & Fragrances Bell is a global solutions provider in the areas of Flavors, Fragrances, Botanical Extracts, Sunscreen Agents and Aroma Chemicals to leading Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Household Products and Pharmaceutical Firms.

Bio-Botanica  is a leading developer and manufacturer of Holistically Balanced™ botanical extracts, servicing the nutraceutical, food/beverage and cosmetics/personal care industries with the highest quality of extracts

FDL (United Kingdom) Over 100 years FDL has built a reputation for dependability and resourcefulness by supplying high quality specialist ingredients to clients in the food, beverage, fragrance and chemical industries.

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Flavor & Fragrance Specialties  In 1983 they saw a need for a flavor and fragrance company that would provide service and truly pay attention to all classes of customers, large and small; a company that could be thought of by its customers as a technical resource and prompt respondent to their needs.   Flavor & Fragrance Specialties was formed to fulfill this need. It was their intention to build a full service flavor and fragrance company, one with strong technical orientation capable of creating and manufacturing any product in these categories but, most importantly, capable of providing technical service to their customers.

Florachem they are chemical raw material distributors to the flavor and fragrance industries and to the soap and janitorial supply industries. From aroma chemicals to natural essential oils to tall oil fatty acids, they can supply a wide variety of natural and synthetic raw materials.

Givaudan Fine Fragrances, this includes unique perfumery compositions for major brands of men's and women's fine perfumes, mass-market colognes, speciality retail, line extensions such as ancillary products for body bath and home.

Huber The Nose  Research and development, creation and manufacture of fragrance oils for the perfume, cosmetics and toiletries, soap and detergent, pharmaceutical and technical industries and flavors for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

IFF As a leading creator and manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, IFF is dedicated to The Pursuit of Excellence in every area of their business—using knowledge, creativity, innovation, and technology to provide their customers with superior consumer understanding and the highest quality products and service.  IFF’s gifted perfumers, combined with our industry leading technological capabilities, give our customers the edge in a diverse and challenging fragrance market. Our global team of perfumers includes living legends and rising stars—each skilled in creating fragrances that capture the dreams and desires of consumers worldwide. Our R&D scientists constantly develop new molecules and innovative processes that enliven our perfumers’ palettes and help them create unique, inspiring fragrances.

Moore Ingredients Ltd. supplies natural specialty ingredients designed specifically for the flavor and fragrance industries. A family owned and operated company with over fifty years of combined experience within the flavor and fragrance industries, we understand your individual needs as a customer and strive to supply superior service and the highest quality products

Ogawa (Japan) The products they create at Ogawa & Co., Ltd. are mainly food flavors and fragrances for cosmetics and toiletries. All of their products are custom-made, which makes it extremely important for them to create products that precisely match the needs of their customers.  In addition to food flavors, they also conduct research and development of fragrances used for a vast array of products that provide comfort in various scenes of people's lives. These products include perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, other toiletries, and daily necessities such as air fresheners. While target food products, perishables, processed foods, or home-cooked meals provide them with general images of the flavors they are aiming for, developing fragrances require a delicate sensibility to embody the images their customers have in mind. By using their flexible imagination and artistic sensibility, they propose fragrances that meet the customers' specific needs.

Oxford Chemicals  Oxford Chemicals Limited (OCL) is a UK based manufacturer of high quality aroma and speciality chemicals used predominantly in the Flavour & Fragrance and Fine Chemical industries.  OCL is a wholly owned by the UK Speciality Chemical Group, Yule Catto & Co Plc

Quest  (Netherlands) Quest's fragrance business creates and produces fragrance compounds and materials, cosmetic ingredients and dental flavours for use in a wide range of consumer products. The fragrance business employs approximately 1500 people worldwide, with creative centres in eight countries and sales offices in over 30 countries.  Their team includes 60 perfumers worldwide

Sarcom Inc.

Ultra International "Ultra" is a young lady, who has conquered the hearts of those who love perfumes; it interprets and satisfies the need of its clients, both Indian and InternationaL, thanks to a compact and agile structure, sustained by modern plants and laboratories and a team of industrious artisans who daringly blend creativity and experience.


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