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RAND-M  RAND·M Productions was created to address 'random elements' of the fashion industry and integrate them into a unified force of talents and resources. The company, conceived in 1997, began as an idea to merge different people and their experiences in show production and front of house into a fresh, young, dynamic company. RAND·M has garnished an indisputable reputation as innovative professionals, seasoned both in show production and front of house.

USA International Fashion Shows (New York) they offer complete event production -- from charity fund raisers to corporate events, small cocktail receptions to extravagant galas.  For 10 or 10,000 in your home town or in the most exotic destinations in the world.   The USA International Fashion Shows team is composed of dedicated individuals, mostly multilingual and multicultural, many of whom have experience in the fashion industry in one capacity or another -- from makeup and hair styling to photography, production and marketing, sales and business development.  After years of providing press coverage of runway fashion shows worldwide, they saw the need to create a more intimate fashion show setting for designers and buyers to meet in a friendly environment to conduct business. Also, they work to provide public relations and marketing tools for designers using all available means including networking and internet usage as well as serving as a point of contact for designers, buyers and reps throughout the year.