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Faro Rappresentanze (Italy)

Glazier Publicity  (United Kingdom) Glazier Publicity is a bespoke PR agency in Mayfair, London.  They provide their clients with a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of PR, marketing and design. What makes them unique is that they work so closely with their clients that they gain an intimate knowledge of the company, the product and how it works. This enables them to promote their clients with the same passion that they feel for their product. They make life simple for their clients by looking after all their marketing needs under one roof, offering consistency across PR, design and advertising. 

Heron Marketing (United Kingdom) Professional marketing services to the fashion and textile trade.  Using the services of heron is like having your own marketing department.  They take on all the tasks and projects needed to effectively market your business, from the production of a simple flyer to the organization of an international exhibition.  And along the way giving you real cost savings in the process. 

IDPR (United Kingdom)

Intelligent PR (United Kingdom) At Intelligent PR, they offer a sophisticated approach to public relations, tailored to suit the requirements of your business. Intelligent PR specializes in the generation of brand awareness and media coverage, and the successful translation of these achievements into profitability and sales.  

PA Media Public Relations  (United Kingdom)  PA Media provides public relations and marketing consultancy services to the luxury brand sector.  Their client base covers a wide range of luxury products from cashmere to cars, diamonds and pearls, jewellery, watches and object d’art. As an agency with a small, carefully selected client base, they are in the unique position of being able to set aside more time, effort and creative thinking for each individual account. Every public relations project they accept, they do so with the total dedication and commitment to deliver the quality results their clients have come to expect from them. In addition, their small client base allows them to offer their clients cross synergistic opportunities which often arise.

Preo - Fashion (United Kingdom) founded in 2001, Preo is passionate about fashion and understands the needs of the fast paced world of fashion.  They work with the press and celebrity stylists to help make sure your label or project gets the attention it deserves.

USA International Fashion Shows (New York) they offer complete event production -- from charity fund raisers to corporate events, small cocktail receptions to extravagant galas.  For 10 or 10,000 in your home town or in the most exotic destinations in the world.   The USA International Fashion Shows team is composed of dedicated individuals, mostly multilingual and multicultural, many of whom have experience in the fashion industry in one capacity or another -- from makeup and hair styling to photography, production and marketing, sales and business development.  After years of providing press coverage of runway fashion shows worldwide, they saw the need to create a more intimate fashion show setting for designers and buyers to meet in a friendly environment to conduct business. Also, they work to provide public relations and marketing tools for designers using all available means including networking and internet usage as well as serving as a point of contact for designers, buyers and reps throughout the year.

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